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Plastic Molding Company - Universal Bearings Plastics Division - Ithaca, MI

Universal Bearings LLC Plastic Division is a plastic molding company specializing in custom molding and secondary processing of thermoset and thermoplastic. We manufacture to customer specification utilizing a variety of plastic materials to deliver superior quality products on time and at a competitive price. We are centrally located in the Midwest and supply to a variety of industries throughout the world. Our location in Central Michigan allows us to easily partner with local and regional vendors and sub-suppliers to offer our customers a "turnkey" solution for their specific applications. 

Universal Bearings Ithaca MIWith a long history as a custom plastic molding company, Universal Bearings LLC has successfully launched numerous OEM programs including automotive, aerospace, petroleum and consumer goods. With a strong emphasis on outstanding customer service and a detail oriented staff, our plant is able to offer quick response to the needs of customers. Our convenient location on the US-127 corridor allows our operations team to facilitate "Just In Time" deliveries and utilize common carriers as well as expeditors to maintain the flow of products.  

Our dedicated staff and extensive molding experience have built our reputation as a leading custom plastic molding company. We stay on top of the ever-changing needs in plastic processing and manufacturing, and have made many strides in providing superior materials and advanced techniques for molding. Universal Bearings LLC Plastic Division has been involved with OEM's on programs that allowed the design and conversion of products which had been previously machined, stamped, and/or die cast components. During the design review process, our experience and knowledge allow us to consider various options and adjust a process or material to create the ideal product for the customer. Universal Bearings LLC Plastics Division is the plastic molding company with the expertise to take even the most challenging and complex projects from concept through production.

For the highest quality in custom plastic molding, contact Universal Bearings LLC Plastics Division at 1-989-875-4191 *103 to discuss your project or request a quote. Central Michigan Manufacturers Association

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Case Studies

Project Types: Industries:

Conversion of a die cast/machined accumulator piston over to an injection molded/machined item

Conversion of a die cast/machined accumulator piston over to an injection molded/machined item
The powertrain accumulator piston is used for automatic transmission in select automotive models across the globe. Originally made using an aluminum die cast process, An OEM had asked us to create an injection molded counterpart that could reduce both their price and weight per unit. They also requested our help in accelerating their daily production volume by using a plastic alternative.

Thermoset Molded Bushing For Steering Column

Thermoset Molded Bushing For Steering Column
GOAL(S): Replace a Steering Column Sub-assembly "Bushing" that was a metal machined part to a plastic molded part that would meet the design and functional needs at a lower weight and cost ratio.

Injection Molded Sleeve, Seal/Sizing Shipping

Injection Molded Sleeve, Seal/Sizing Shipping
There are a tremendous number of Caps, Ties, Straps, Sleeves, Covers, etc. that are provided by precision plastics molding companies that are utilized within the automotive sector for the shipment of components and/or sub-assemblies to the TIER1 or OEM’s to protect the product (components and sub-assemblies) from damage and/or contamination during shipment prior to final assembly.